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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Psalm for Wedneday - Psalm 94, Vs. 1

"The Eternal is a God of vengeance; avenging God shine forth!"
We don't want to think of vengeance as part of God. Yet if the Divine is the source of all, we must grapple with what we label as being "negative," "bad," or "evil."  And so this psalm reminds us that vengeance, one of our most primal and primitive drives, also has its roots in the Divine energy that flows through us.  And so we are not asking God to shine vengeance on the world.  Rather, we are asking God that is the source of all (however you want to define that), including vengeance, to enable us to see the vengeance in the world. Only by shining light on it and acknowledge it can we then do what is necessary to avoid it.  As human beings created in God's image and working in partnership with the Divine, this reminds us that it is our responsibility to do the godly work of helping to rid our world of vengeance and hatred as well.

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