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Friday, May 14, 2010

Psalm for Friday: Psalm 93, Verse 4

More majestic than the thunders of many waters, more majestic than the waves of the sea, the Eternal on high is majestic!

In my commentary on verse 3 last week I wrote about the image of the seas singing and the waves keeping time.  The image of the sea's roar continues in this verse.  But here we are reminded that, no matter how loudly the sea might roar, God can still roar louder (grant a little poetic license please).

The point of this verse seems clear.  We need to remember that no matter how powerful anything on earth might seem, God is more powerful.  However, this image of the big, powerful, patriarchal God is not one to which I can particularly related.  Granted, the image in this verse is not patriarchal, but as part of the image of God painted in the psalms, this is certainly part of the patriarchal and warrior image of God.

However, there is another way to read the verse. It can be read (with but a little creativity and poetic license) to say that the power of God is greater than the waves and the waters because it is their source and ultimately they are all one.  The entire scenario is one of majesty.  The majesty of the waves and the sea are a part of the majesty of the Divine.  Everything is a part of that majesty.  Every person, animal and plant is part of the majesty.

The Eternal is not "on high" because God is literally above us.  Rather, the Eternal is greater (higher) because it is our source.  And so, it greater than the sum of it's parts. 

It is important for us, therefore, to remember that whenever anyone thinks they are above or better than others, or whenever our ego tries to convince us that we are better, we must remember that we are part of the One. Just as the roaring waves are part of the sea and the seas are part of the Divine, we are a part of the Divine.  Keeping this perspective will enable us to steer clear of the ego's traps and focus instead on the important issues that connect us with our Divine Source no matter what we are doing.

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